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9" Blue Cat Plush - Special Edition!

9" Blue Cat Plush - Special Edition!

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🎉 A Plush with Parade Charm: Join the celebration with our exclusive 10" Blue Cat Plush, commemorating Blue Cat's debut in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This chibi-style plush is not just adorable but a piece of parade history!

🐱 Soft and Cuddly: Made with ultra-soft boa material, it's designed for the ultimate cuddle experience. Perfect for hugging, displaying, or as a cozy companion.

🌍 Unlock Digital Fun: Each plush comes with a special code to claim free digital wearables in the Cool Cats ecosystem, blending the joy of physical collectibles with digital excitement.

🏆 Collector's Must-Have: A unique addition for Macy's Parade fans and Cool Cats enthusiasts. Don't miss the chance to own this special edition plush!


  • Height: 10 inches
  • Material: Ultra-Soft Boa
  • Includes: Code for Cool Cats Digital Wearables

Limited Edition: Grab your piece of Macy's Parade magic with this adorable Blue Cat Plush!

Embrace the Joy of Macy's Parade with Blue Cat Today!

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